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    The Power of Education

    While uncertainty exists in our world, we at the UNC School of Education remain certain of the power of education. We believe education holds the power to break down barriers, lift up individuals and empower communities to rise and thrive.

    Investing in education has never been more important.

    Your investment in the UNC School of Education, no matter the size, means that we continue to prepare the highest quality teachers and education leaders; that we create innovative programming that meets the educational demands of North Carolina and beyond; that our scholars can pursue research that seeks to better understand education and then share that expertise; and that we continue work to eliminate educational inequities.

    To learn more about how we address challenges through education, view this page of resources.

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    $30,000 for 100 Gifts

    Matt ’97 and Paige Guest ’97 will give $30,000 when the School of Education reaches 100 gifts to the Dean’s Priorities Fund or the School of Education’s Greatest Need Fund.

    This spring, the School of Education has seen the power of gifts that provide our Dean with the flexibility to respond to opportunities and that enable the School to address pressing needs. During this pandemic, support for the Dean’s Priorities Fund and the School of Education’s Greatest Need Fund enabled the School to:

    • Share resources for families schooling their children at home
    • Create an online toolkit — which was translated for people around the world — for families caring with children with autism
    • Create and distribute learning modules for high school science teachers to engage students in discussions around the pandemic
    • Host an online panel of faculty members and North Carolina school professionals to discuss the impact of coronavirus on student safety and well-being
    • Help our students who were adversely affected by the pandemic

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    $25,000 for 25 Gifts

    Rif Riddick ’70 has pledged $25,000 to support students when the School of Education reaches 25 gifts to student support or scholarship funds.

    Riddick believes in supporting our students. Earlier this year, Riddick honored his parents R. Marion Riddick III and Joyce Stokes Riddick — both had careers in education — and created an enduring commitment to prepare future generations of highly effective educators through the School’s Master of Arts in Teaching program.

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    2️⃣: @_DarrenWilliams is our next spotlight student! Visit our Instagram to see a day at his internship ➡️

    Darren, a member of @NCPFellows, is in the MSA program and chose Carolina because of its emphasis on equity, excellence, and democratic principles.

    Today, we all face difficult, but important, conversations. Teachers face them in the classroom, too. Faculty member Brian Gibbs investigates how educators teach about tough topics and suggests ways to guide students’ conversations. Read more at

    Thank you to all the people who imagine, persevere, and create; who build a School that ignites change and makes the world a better place through education. 🌎

    A year ago, we launched #PropeltheWorld. Check out the updated page on our website at

    ICYMI: FPG’s autism team has released a new, comprehensive guide to help students w/ #autism navigate #onlinelearning. Tips for Zoom / Google Classroom, creating learning spaces & schedules, #digitaletiquette & more: | @UNCTEACCH @UNC_AHS @UNCSchoolofEd

    At LatinxEd, every day is Latinx Heritage Month as we are dedicated to amplifying the lived experiences of Latinx immigrant families on a daily basis! To launch this month with history, @rickyhurtadonc & @ElaineUtin are reflecting on the history of LatinxEd via FB Live 🧡

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    About Us

    At the UNC School of Education, we know that money markets do not make wealth. Rockets do not get to space. Computers do not make trillions of calculations in mere seconds. Instruments do not make music. Presses do not produce books.

    Our world is not propelled by all these. It is propelled by people. People who imagine and persevere and create.

    Here, we build people’s minds, spirits and resolve to make the world a better place through education.

    At the UNC School of Education, we Propel the World.

    Video recorded Spring 2019.

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