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    Starting next week, FPG Fellow and @PsychiatryUnc Assistant Professor @karenbluth is offering ONLINE courses on mindful self-compassion for teens! You can find more information and register for the classes at

    Tune into a Q & A event on Thursday, April 9, at 6:00 p.m. for Hispanic and Latinx students who are interested in pursuing college educations.

    More info on our website:

    #GlobalGoesRemote #GlobalEducation #GlobalEd

    On #WorldAutismAwarenessDay, Kara Hume describes her #UNC team's work creating resources for those supporting individuals with #autism. Translations being made to help people everywhere. @FPGInstitute #AutismDay #PropelTheWorld

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    At the UNC School of Education, we know that money markets do not make wealth. Rockets do not get to space. Computers do not make trillions of calculations in mere seconds. Instruments do not make music. Presses do not produce books.

    Our world is not propelled by all these. It is propelled by people. People who imagine and persevere and create.

    Here, we build people’s minds, spirits and resolve to make the world a better place through education.

    At the UNC School of Education, we Propel the World.

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