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    Our world has been deeply impacted from recent acts of racism and the fight for social justice coupled with a deadly public health crisis. These events have demonstrated how the intersection of race and income continues to influence people’s opportunities, resources, health, and safety.

    As the first public university, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill knows that extraordinary students can be found in every community and every kind of household. We also know that, when we make it possible for these students to join us, their talent and their breadth of perspective enrich us all. For these reasons, we remain one of the last universities to admit students without regard to their financial need, and to meet the full need of those who earn admission. This commitment is the right one for a university that has always been of and for the public. It is also the smart one for a university that wants to lead the world – by creating knowledge, solving problems, and offering the best possible education to all its students. It is only through private support from generous donors like you that we’re able to fulfill this profound commitment.

    Your support allows us to continue recruiting the most talented students, keep student debt low, and make sure that Tar Heels reach graduation ready to take on the world. If you are able, please join us today by making a gift to keep Carolina affordable for all students. Your gift will not just change individual lives – it will transform entire families for generations to come.


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