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A leader in precision nutrition research, the Nutrition Research Institute is developing and applying cutting-edge methods to determine why metabolism and nutrition requirements differ between individuals. We’re exploring nutrient metabolism and its relationship to human development and disease with the goal of replacing general dietary guidance with more customized nutrition recommendations.  

When you support the NRI, you support our work to create a future where each of us can eat uniquely – research that is truly like no other. 


Create a Healthier Tomorrow

The Precision Nutrition Director’s Response Fund (724691) at the Nutrition Research Institute provides our director with the flexibility to respond to opportunities as they arise and direct funding to the areas of greatest need. With an unrestricted gift, you are creating a healthier tomorrow through precision nutrition research today.

Support the Next Generation

The Student Scientist Fund (729487) at the Nutrition Research Institute supports outstanding graduate student scholars. With a gift to this fund, you are providing tuition support, access to career boosting resources and a wide network of mentors to young scientists pursuing careers in precision nutrition.

Diversify the Field

The NRI strives to diversify the ranks of its tenured faculty investigators to include talented scientists who historically and systematically are underrepresented in science faculties across the nation and specifically at UNC-Chapel Hill. To best attract, support, and sustain new researchers who are among those underrepresented, the NRI has established The Diverse Faculty Accelerator Fund (722113), to support the launch of new research programs at the NRI with personnel, equipment, and other resources.