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The story starts with you!

The Carolina Center for Public Service is among the smaller units on campus yet touches every corner of it. The Center is at the core of the Carolina service experience and what it truly means to be a Tar Heel.

The Center engages more than 4,100 undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff every year through campus-wide programs, courses, capacity building and celebrations. We partner with more than 400 community organizations in North Carolina and beyond and reach 4,485 individuals with public service announcements and opportunities every other week. Our networks and collaborations lead to more than 78,000 hours of service annually.

Compiling numbers associated with what we do is challenging at best – the above are just a few! While we are proud of the scope and growth they represent, at the Center, what really matters is that the numbers mean so much more.

Every number tells a story – of individual exploration and growth, of learning through doing, of working with community and for the common good. Every number is a story of a mission to serve and of real change in people’s lives.

Your gift to the Center makes every transformational experience and story behind the numbers possible… the story starts with you. Make your gift today!



$5,000 for 40 Gifts

Together, Billy Gerhard, BS ’14, MSPH ’15; Donald Wagoner, MBA ’77; and Karen Wagoner, MBA ’77, will give $5,000 once 40 gifts have been made to the Carolina Center for Public Service. 


$3,000 for 30 Donors

Bharath Parthasarathy ’02 and Meg Smothers Robinson ’01 will give $3,000 once 30 donors make a gift to any fund at the Carolina Center for Public Service.


$5,000 Match

Dr. Jesse L. White Jr. will match gifts to the Carolina Center for Public Service dollar for dollar up to $5,000.


$5,000 for 50 Gifts

An anonymous donor will give $5,000 once 50 gifts have been made to the Carolina Center for Public Service.