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    Today is the first day of #BlackBotanistsWeek and we're highlighting our #BlackRoots through our #BlackBotanicalLegacy. An unsung #Botany101 hero is Antione, a botanical genius who successfully produced a new variety of thin shelled pecan. 1/5

    It’s #BlackBotanistsWeek, organized to promote, encourage, create a safe space for, and find more Black people who love plants and celebrate all the ways they engage with and appreciate the global diversity of plant life. We’re excited to follow along and share!

    Our new entrance plantings are underway! Our staff have been working in socially-distant, staggered shifts to fill our new entrance landscape with native seedlings — grasses and sedges for year-round color and texture + wildflower accents.


    The first performance at the site of #UNC's Forest Theatre took place in 1916. At the time, there was no permanent structure for shows. The stone amphitheater was added a few years later and it is now part of the @NCBotGarden

    Carolina’s Coker Abortetum offers a relaxing, shaded landscape on hot summer days. Established in 1903 by #UNC's first botany professor, William Chambers Coker, the arboretum contains more than 400 species of plants for Tar Heels to enjoy

    Lizard’s tail (Saururus cernuus) at Mason Farm Biological Reserve. Keep your eyes peeled for this common native #wildflower if you’re in a swampy area or near a pond or stream: it loves water!

    Bog cheetos! More formally known as orange milkwort (Polygala lutea), this wildflower grows in wet, boggy areas in the Coastal Plain. It's easy to see where it gets its nickname: these bright orange flower clusters grow longer and more like cheese puffs as the season goes on.

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