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    The North Carolina Botanical Garden conserves plant biodiversity of the Southeastern United States and works to promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems.  For more than half a century, the North Carolina Botanical Garden has championed the efforts to conserve the State’s botanical legacy. Today, the North Carolina Botanical Garden manages more than 1,100 acres of garden and conservation lands, safeguards rare and endangered plant species from extinction, and educates new generations of plant enthusiasts and environmental citizens.

    We invite you to explore rare wildflowers in our Piedmont habitat, soak up the sun in our Courtyard Gardens, or set your house-bound youngsters free in the Children’s Wonder Garden. Like the early spring wildflowers, we all need a break from our winter dormancy and our pandemic-imposed exile from each other and from nature.

    Please join us in supporting the Garden’s mission today.


    Scenes from our Plant Family Garden, where closely related species are planted together. Sometimes the connections might surprise you: you'll find the gingers near the bananas, the roses near the carrots, and the cacti near the carnations. Lots of fun stuff in bloom now!

    Benefits of having several different wild indigo (Baptisia) species in your garden: sometimes they create hybrid offspring! The straight species we have here generally produce single-color flowers. But when they get together, they can produce these enchanting color combos!

    Our mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) is just about at its peak! This stunning native shrub grows in open, acidic forests and bluffs from the mountains to the coast of North Carolina. #nativeplants

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