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    And we're live! Our first ever webcam is up now. Tune in for a view of phlox and columbine with birds singing and bees buzzing by. We’ll move the cam periodically for different peeks into Garden life.

    🌐🌸 Visit and scroll down to find the live stream!

    470 million years ago, the ancestors of #liverworts were making their way out of the water: the first land plants.

    Their descendants live on in shady, wet nooks around the world, like this snakeskin liverwort (Conocephalum salebrosum) by Meeting-of-the-Waters Creek.

    Unlike common chickweed, its non-native, lawn-devouring cousin, ✨star chickweed✨(Stellaria pubera) is a sweet native wildflower in the eastern U.S. It grows on shady forest slopes and bottomlands, where it provides nectar and pollen for bees and flies. 📸 in Battle Park.

    #OnThisDay April 2, 1759, Governor Arthur Dobbs penned a letter to his naturalist friend in England. His words are the first written about the Venus Flytrap: “We have a kind of Catch Fly sensitive which closes upon anything that touches it:”

    Wild #azaleas — in Chapel Hill? You bet!

    Pinxterbloom azalea (Rhododendron periclymenoides) grows on slopes and streambanks in the woods of the eastern US, including across NC. You’ll find it blooming now in Battle Park and on our Piedmont Nature Trails. 🌸

    Scenes from our display gardens this past week, courtesy of our pared-down crew still on site. They shared these photos for all of us who can’t be there in person: foamflower, sassafras, phlox, columbine, and tickseed are blooming now.

    We can’t wait to be back there with you!

    Are your gutters, streets, sidewalks, gardens, and hair filled with dried, stringy tassels of plant matter falling from the sky? Chances are you've got an #oak nearby!

    Episode 4 of Plant Power is up, and our team is talking trees: what do they do for us, and what can we do in return?

    Tune in to hear our director of conservation, Johnny Randall, talk about forest biodiversity, land conservation, invasive pests, & more:

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