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Tweet, gram, share, post on and before March 30, 2021 using #GiveUNC.

We have 24 hours to celebrate what makes Carolina a place like no other and honor the impact it has on our lives. The success of GiveUNC, our fourth annual day of giving, depends on Tar Heels coming together and showing our support online. When you post, make sure to include the website ( so others know where to give! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

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Option 1: Save the date! On March 30 Tar Heels around the world are going to give back and pay it forward. Join us for #GiveUNC and help support the causes that make Carolina a place like no other:

Option 2: #GiveUNC is the day to take action and effect change in the areas that are most important to you – whatever you give for. If you are able, join me on March 30 for #GiveUNC ➡️

Option 3: Today is the day! Join me on #GiveUNC by making a gift before midnight. What makes Carolina a place like no other? Support that area or cause today! ➡️ #GiveUNC

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  1. Visit
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    Note — That is the name of our page, which created and owns the frame.
    Choose the GiveUNC frame.
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