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    The School of Social Work recognizes the COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted the mental health and wellness of virtually all individuals. In particular, students have faced increases in anxiety, feelings of loneliness, and depression. In response to these mental health and wellness consequences, the School of Social Work has taken steps to accommodate, support, and provide mental health and wellness assistance to those students in need.

    A mental health and wellness fund was created in December 2021 to assist students with a mental health focus and to provide scholarships, mental health and wellness services, and peer support services. In this short time period, the fund has already raised approximately $70,000 and we are proud that donations received during GiveUNC will benefit this fund focused on the mental health and wellness of our students.


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    Join us on Oct. 11 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. for a free Carolina Mental Health Seminar, "It's OK to Pause," to better understand the theory and practice of mindful pauses and how to prioritize them. To learn more and register for the event, visit

    Do you know a faculty or staff member who exemplifies Dr. King's ideals of social justice, equality, and equity? Nominate them for the 2022-2023 Unsung Hero Award!

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    Mark your calendars for March 29, 2022, Carolina's fifth annual day of giving! GiveUNC may only last 24 hours, but your support creates transformational experiences for future Tar Heels. Follow us on social for updates as we approach GiveUNC!

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