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Did you know we accept #SocialScience #Data donations to the Odum Institute Data Archive? Within our #Archive, your data would be carefully curated and preserved for generations to come. Review our Collection Development policy to learn more:

Did you know advanced graduate students are standing by, just waiting for your statistical analysis and programming questions? It's true!

Visit the Odum website to see our hours and which consultants are available Monday through Friday:

Brief #SurveyResearch consultations are offered at no charge to the @UNC community. If you're working on dissertations, theses, or any other research projects - we’ve got you.

Send a request to a survey team member today:

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Introduction to Odum

About Us

What is a researcher’s most valuable commodity? What do students always need more of? What always seems to be running out? 


For nearly 100 years, the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science has been dedicated to facilitating research that moves society forward. And in our experience, one of the biggest stressors for the students, faculty and staff we support is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 

While we can’t do anything about that, we can help our patrons reclaim their time by making the hours they do have more efficient and productive.  Our team of expert staff members offers a wide variety of services and resources to Tar Heels across campus, including: 

  • Exciting learning opportunities on research methods and data science 
  • Expert consultations to answer questions large and small
  • Robust technological solutions to complex data problems 
  • And more! 

By offering in-depth individualized support, we help our users avoid unnecessary detours during their research journeyWe provide clarity and expertise so researchers can avoid getting bogged down by the small stuff and instead focus on the big picture 

Despite the obvious challenges olast year, our staff supported more people than ever before — but even we have our limits. By giving today, you can help us expand our capacity even more and ensure research on our campus is rigorous, findings are robust, and researchers have the time to do what needs to be done.

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