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At the Carolina Population Center (CPC) we believe that understanding how and why populations change over time is key to advancing the well-being of all people. Our faculty, staff, and students conduct research on population, health, aging and the environment, and share data and findings that push the field forward.  

We also have two interdisciplinary training programs that integrate approaches from the social and biological sciences, build research capacity and train the next generation of scholars. Today, we are asking for your help in supporting our training programs, which produce future leaders in social science and public health disciplines.

Robert Hummer, a Howard W. Odum Distinguished Professor of Sociology and fellow at the Carolina Population Center, teaches a course on how to integrate the social and biological sciences on November 12, 2018, on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
(Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)


Hi there 👋 junior #PopHealth scientists! We're Wyatt and Kent, members of the IAPHS Student Committee. We are 'taking over' the account today to share some job market tips and tricks from those who came before us! We hope you'll follow along with us today!

Great to see Kathie Harris from @UNCSociology and @UNCPopCenter discussing these important issues with Senator Sanders and others this morning. I've had the unique pleasure of working with Kathie on related studies, and am excited to share the results in the coming months.

Bernie Sanders @SenSanders

In the richest country in the history of the world, poverty is a death sentence. We’re holding a hearing NOW on declining life expectancy for working Americans.

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